More Free Heat Treating Bodies of Knowledge Published by eQualified


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More Free Heat Treating Bodies of Knowledge Published by eQualified

14 May 2018

eQualified, the aerospace industry special process personnel qualification program, has published two additional Heat Treating Bodies of Knowledge (BoKs). Industry experts, including representatives from Rolls Royce Corp, Honeywell, UTC Aerospace (Goodrich) and Solar Atmospheres worked together to create the new eQualified BoKs, which focus on

These documents, available without charge online on the eQualified website, form the basis of the eQualified examinations on the same topic.

Mark Emerson of Rolls-Royce Corp, who is also Chair of the eQualified Heat Treating Review Board commented, “With these two new BoKs, Heat Treating is now well covered by eQualified, offering more than 15 BoKs aligned with the metals most commonly used in the aerospace industry. Quality and safety are paramount in our industry so it is essential all personnel performing Heat Treating activities have the right knowledge and skillset.”

Martin Day, Engineer Principal, Product Design at Honeywell and Vice-Chair of the eQualified Heat Treating Review Board added “eQualified provides high standards of global qualifications for Heat Treating personnel where they have never previously existed in the aerospace industry. The program also offers a means of succession planning in the aerospace workforce. The knowledge that is captured through these BoKs is comprehensive and will benefit the industry greatly as there is nothing similar in our field of expertise.”